Our mission is to empower technical professionals to become Energy Manager

Birdseye is committed to creating and continuously improving effective courses for Energy Management, for the whole world. We want not only talk about nuts and bolts but to encourage you: we know that Energy Management can seem a daunting task. There is little experience compared with the great need for skills in Energy Efficiency.
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We help you fuel your personal development by offering a bird's eye view


Students can contact me and other students and discuss the study material.


Many courses on Energy Management offer great technical content. We add encouragement for this new and complex discipline.

Multi media

We really care about the knowledge sticking into your memory. The course is entertaining, informal and multimedial. You will feel at home.

Several target groups

We are building courses in Energy Management for various levels. Let's start now with the target group of technical middle management: the team leader. Other target groups like the top management will follow.

Meet your trainer

Our trainer with 3 decades of experience will unveil at an affordable cost the little-known techniques to start
Energy Management in your company. Special rates for developing countries.
Norbert N. Vasen is very keen on helping you not only with the nuts and bolts, like in other good courses
on Energy Management, but also see the big picture, so that you will have more success in this complex and rather new discipline.
Moreover, he has a patent pending and trademark of the Energy Consumption Graph (ECG), for an affordable but complete diagnosis.

Meet Beatriz

Meet Viktor

Meet Alysia

Explore our professional courses now!

I am starting with an English compact and practical course on Energy Management for technical staff.
I will soon add other courses: specific technologies, other languages and other corporate levels.
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