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Practical Energy Management with inspiration

Equip yourself with Energy Management skills. Help your company to be efficient and sustainable.
Help yourself to have higher a value on the job market.

MSc. Norbert N. Vasen

Specialist Energy Efficiency

Target group 

Technical  staff,  
team leaders

Course context

Base course, other modules soon available


Time flexible online course


 2 weeks
20 Hours


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For whom is this course?

  • You are now a technical specialist in a factory or other building
  • You are responsible for 1 or more other technician(s)
  • Management wants you to take responsibility for energy optimisation and you don't feel familiar with it
  • You want to use well the lock down period and prepare for after it
  • You want to participate in the Green Recovery of the economy
  • You don't want only technical content but would like to be inspired for a new and challenging discipline.
what i want to share with you

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Why you should enroll...

See Energy Management in its context: a Birdseye view.
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Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Norbert N. Vasen

Norbert N. Vasen is an Energy Specialist since 1991. He has a Masters Degree in Electric Engineering and has been teaching "Energy Efficiency in Industry" in Switzerland.
Norbert has traveled the whole world for energy projects and enjoys teaching people all over the world. He is building entertaining learning programs, diversified for all corporate levels. but wants to start with a 360° short course for middle technical management. He looks forward to share his commitment with all that are inspired to make medium and large energy consumers more efficient.
Norbert N. Vasen - Course author
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